Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {Scooters}

Let me just start out this post with being frankly honest…scooter drivers here in Taiwan are about 50 different types of {{CRAZY}}!

So many scooters!
I would venture to say that driving here in general is, but without the scooters, things on the road would be about a million times better! There are many places on the roads that are marked specifically for scooters, the issue is though, the think that any place that is paved means that it's for them!

Where's Waldo...scooter edition!
Not stopping at a stop sign {check}
Cutting off a car while driving {check}
Right turn on red {check}
LEFT turn on red {CHECK!}
Driving on the sidewalk {why not?!}
Piling upwards to 4 people on  a single scooter {of course}
Making sure your dog and baby are strapped in tight {yep!}
Wearing a helmet/driving the speed limit/watching for pedestrians....maybe someday!

But really! Everyone here has one!!
***Needless to say I am in desperate need of a scooter (having a school 4.5 miles away makes it a little necessary) and I was so excited to find that someone had one they wanted to rent...only to find out they decided to change their mind. Soo if you or someone you know has a scooter they'd like to mail to Taiwan...just let me know! haha {if only!}***

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