Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {the bathroom situation}

When I was getting ready to move to Taiwan several people suggested that I bring some travel toilet paper with me (yes I just went there real quick lol). Let me start out my saying as kindly as possible {thanks for nothing!}

I did as instructed and brought along several small travel sized rolls of toilet paper. BUT...what I was not warned about, is the fact that toilet paper in public restroom is NON-EXISTENT. none. zilch. nada. nothing.  I'm not sure who  decided this was a good idea, but apparently that's the way it is!

So, if to add insult to injury, public toilets are squatty potties AND BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper for those of  you new to the game!)

"Luckily" (I'm not sure if anything about this bathroom situation is lucky lol) they sell travel packs of toilet paper in huge bulk packs everywhere, but this also means that I am required to BYOTP to school, shopping, traveling, and sometimes to hotels....

...and paper towels...yeah, no sense in dreaming!

{on an unrelated note...does anyone have any use for 4 sad rolls of American travel toilet paper?!}