Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {Convenience Stores}

We've all heard of, and most likely been in a convenient store in the U.S., but I was not aware of what a convenient store REALLY was until stepping into my first 7-11 in Taiwan! Convenient stores here are literally everywhere. Just in my teeny town we have not only 2 7-11's, but also 2 OK-Mart's  and a Family Mart. Each of these stores is open 24 hours and they can do just about anything for you! {but really!}

For instance, 10 things you can do in  your local convenient store:

1. buy food
2. pay your bills
3. buy a bus/train/concert tickets
4. use  the free wifi
5. pick up packages that have been  mailed to you
6. use a {clean} bathroom
7. cash in  your lottery receipts
8. collect stickers for prizes
9. play odd games for drink discounts
10. (and most importantly!) pop your popcorn and warm up other meals

*** DISCLAIMER: the one thing you cannot do at a Taiwanese convenient store….get gas!!***


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