Getting Closer

May 29, 2010 

I can't even believe it 17 days until I leave...just over 2 weeks and I still have so much yet to do. Delta switched times for my flight home making it too early for me so after canceling that less than 3 weeks before  leaving, that's my current concern (I think I'd rather get stuck in Europe than Virginia if I had to get stuck somewhere!) On top of looking for plane tickets I'm also spending all my lunch breaks at work reading over travel guides, country printouts, and scouring maps of the Mediterranean trying to figure out what I'm doing about overwhelming!

Needless to say I'm still super excited for my trip and can't wait for this awesome experience!

Counting Down

May 12, 2010

So my boat leaves in exactly 34 days (not that I'm counting or anything!) and I couln't be more excited! I still don't think it has hit me yet that I am going to be seeing so much of the world in only 5 short weeks and that is truly going to be an oppertunity of my lifetime. I get more and more excited every time I talk to someone new that is going to be on the boat with me or every time I get another email update from Semester at Sea. I can't even imagine how excited I'm going to be the day before I leave! Until then though, I'm working 40 hours a week here in Bryan at Anderson and Vreeland...I guess making money for later in the summer! Well I guess that's about it for now...maybe by the next time I write I'll be in the middle of the ocean!