I guess it's time I finally make the big announcement....although if you have stumbled upon my blog you probably already know the new! I have recently accepted a teaching position for the 2015-2016 school year in ....drum roll....TAIWAN!!!!

There are still many unknowns and questions that I don't yet have answered about my upcoming school year, but I couldn't be any more excited about this amazing opportunity!!! I ask for each of your prayers and support as I begin to prepare for this next step and great change in my life!

 First a little glimpse to get you situated with the where abouts of Taiwan.

A closer look at the island country that I will soon call home.
The Taiwanese flag and symbol of the country.

August 8th can't come soon enough!!

Big Girl Life

If you were a previous visitor to my old Semester at Sea blog, you have most likely noticed (or at least lie and tell me you did!) that I have been missing for the last 4.5 year. Sadly, the truth is I’ve been stuck, for the most part, in the United States {OK I’m not going to lie to you completely! I’ve managed several trips to Mexico, NYC, DC, South Carolina, Tennessee….ok so may not so stuck!}. I guess things like college, big girl jobs, masters degrees, and moving out on your own tend to get in the way of exploring all that the world has to offer me!
The little brother and I at my graduation

So for the quick recap on my life since you last visited….I graduated from Ashland University in the spring of 2012 with my degree in Early Childhood Education. I received several job offers and have been teaching first grade at St. Edward Elementary School in Ashland, Ohio for the past 3 years. I recently also graduated with my master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Literacy from Ashland University. 

Although I have been very blessed with everything life has thrown my way in the last couple of years, a terrible case of wanderlust has sunk in and I am looking for something new…stay turned, I promise it’s worth it!