I guess it's time I finally make the big announcement....although if you have stumbled upon my blog you probably already know the new! I have recently accepted a teaching position for the 2015-2016 school year in ....drum roll....TAIWAN!!!!

There are still many unknowns and questions that I don't yet have answered about my upcoming school year, but I couldn't be any more excited about this amazing opportunity!!! I ask for each of your prayers and support as I begin to prepare for this next step and great change in my life!

 First a little glimpse to get you situated with the where abouts of Taiwan.

A closer look at the island country that I will soon call home.
The Taiwanese flag and symbol of the country.

August 8th can't come soon enough!!


  1. That is so exciting! What a wonderful opportunity!

    1. Thanks so much Pamela! I was/am very excited as well!


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