Taiwan Apartment Tour!!!

Here it is, in all it's glory! May I introduce you to my new "apartment"! 

Although this is by no means a "standard American apartment" (or anything close to  my 2 story 2 bedroom townhouse from Ohio :(  ) this is pretty typical (if not considered large) for a Taiwanese apartment. I am living on the 3rd floor of a couples home and enter and exit through their front entry way to get to my apartment. It is located in the small farming community of Xinfeng within Hsinchu County. I am only about 2 miles from my town's center (though I am by no means in the town!) and 6 miles from Hsinchu City, but they take about 9 minutes and 30 minutes respectively to get to each by bus and/or train.

I can't say my little room feels like home yet, but I'm sure it will come! (I can't lie I've already scoped out several stores sell paint and various art supplies...so these walls won't be bare and lonely much longer!)