Holiday Weekend...Gone Askew!

This post will be short and I'll fill in more details later since I'm writing from my phone, but this weekend was filled with many unexpected occurrences!

----- ----- ----- ----- Quick Synopsis ----- ----- ----- -----

PLANNED TRIP: we planned to take a ferry from mainland Taiwan to the island of Penghu for out 3 day weekend leaving Saturday and retuning Monday and spending our time here hanging out at the beach and soaking up some sun!

REALITY OF OUR TRIP: we took the Puke-fest 2015 ferry Saturday morning, enjoyed the beach on Sunday, and have been waiting out the super typhoon in our hotel since then (today is Tuesday...we have no hope of leaving until at least Wednesday late morning time!) 

MORAL OF THE STORY: when life throws you curve balls, you've just got to take 'em and make the best of it!