Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {Have You Eaten Yet?}

It took some time and some explaining for  me to get used to this, especially being the avid  eater that I am! But, it's still kind of odd to think of.

Almost every morning without fail when I get to school the teachers that sit near me will tell me good morning, and then like clockwork, ask if I have eaten breakfast yet. I chalked it up to them worrying  about my lack of breakfast eating abilities.

When I arrive to my apartment some evenings I will pass one of the members that live in the house. They will alawys tell me hi...and then ask if I've eaten dinner yet.

I quickly started to realize that everywhere I go this was a standard question..."Have you eaten?" Taiwanese people are very "beat around the bush" type of people, and not at all direct  {yeah I'm in trouble here haha} them asking if I have eaten yet is simply their way of asking how I am for the day...if only there was food with this question each time I was asked!

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