Happy 1 Month Scooter-versary!

Yes, it's a thing! (or at least if it's not I'm officially making it a thing! lol)

Today officially marks one month that I've been the proud owner of a brand spankin' new (at least new to me!) speedy scooter and a bright, shiny pink helmet! We are doing so well together and my scooter is quickly making new scooter friends!

Look how cute he and his friends get along!

Also, today, after driving it at least every other day for the last month, marked the first time I ever had to put gas in my little guy! I bit the bullet and it almost broke the bank, but I asked them to fill it all the way up. I paid the $3.30 (USD) that I owed for the full tank, and was on my merry way!


Comments and love notes welcome!