Homework?!?! But I'm the Teacher!

I got to school today at FuLong and the director {bless his soul he tries so hard with his English I love it!} Tells me he wants to dance with me on Friday ... well good morning to you too lol.

I'm a little confused about what he's talking about, and then the music begins to play on a computer in the office, and the director excitedly points to it and says "you, me, dance, this" ... and that's how I got my first dancing homework assignment.

OK, to clarify things a bit (I sure wish someone would do that for me here some days lol) my students at FuLong are participating in a field day with other area schools for a good portion of Friday. I was told they would be doing Sport Events and the Teachers could  Participate if They wanted to!   Apparently a School Wide Drum / Dance routine is now Also Considered a Sport, and Participating is optional unless you are the Lone white Chick in Town, then it is Highly, HIGHLY encouraged!

Sooo, Long Story Short, I've got to memorize this by Friday Morning Dance routine. There Will be 4 Children dancing in Front of Me, then the Director and myself, and then the remainder of our US Students Behind laughing at the crazy white Trying to Dance Girl   dancing as Well.

All I can say is ... Wish me luck!