Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {Left Turns}

A whole post on left tuns... (this is probably where you are starting to think I'm crazy or have already run out of things to write about...have no fear! Neither is true! ....ok maybe just a little with the crazy, but we can forget about that for now!)

Anyways, left turns...specifically scooter left turns. Like this cute little picture I made. I'm the red dot on my scooter and  I want to go to the red X...easy peasy!

All I have to do  is simply turn left!


Not only is it illegal, but it will also most likely cause a nasty crash...trust me...the drivers here are ruthless!

So making a left turn in Taiwan {only for scooters} looking a little something like the cha-cha slide haha....ok stay with me here!

Step 1 - Wait for your green light (in your cute little scooter box on the road) and then make a RIGHT hand turn (yes we are trying to go to the right haha)

Step 2 - Make this little "J" or "hook" turn...easier said than done.

Step 3 - Now you're at another red light (joy!) wait for it to turn green and go STRAIGHT through the intersection.

Step 4 -  Congrats! You made your first left hand turn, and if you're luck it only took several minutes!