Scooter Video

I've been wanting to take a video like this for some time now, but the logistics of holding a phone while driving a scooter is easier said than done! Lol, I'm totally joking! But it did take some rigging  to get the camera to hold sill enough to not make you sick while watching the video! Also I've learned for next time I need to point the camera up more....I'll get better (or buy a GoPro haha)

I still want to get some nice footage of my drive to Fu Long in the mornings as the countryside is beautiful, but mother nature and her love of rain in this country often have other plans for me!

This video has me starting at my house in Xinfeng Township and driving  south to Xinfeng (the actual town) about 2.5 miles away to the local train station. The actual drive is between 8 and 9 minutes, but I cut out several chunks of waiting for the stop lights and long stretches of nothing as well as slightly speeding some portions of the drive up. What we have left is a close to 4 minute video glimpse into some more of my daily life here!