Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {Lunch Time}

Lunch time here in Taiwan...lets just say it's special! Some days lunch is amazing, other days my tummy's not quite full, most days though, I just eat it without asking questions before hand!  

Lunch is served for the students in their respective home room classrooms and for the teachers in our common office area. Students all take turns serving their classmates (yes even grade 1 and 2 serve lunches) and almost all of the students buy a lunch {you can't beat $1 lunches!}

Students bring a bowl or two and a set of chopsticks from home and everything goes in together; food in one and soup in the other (soup is their only drink served at many meals). We have rice, EVERYDAY, sometimes it changes colors, but it's always there! We have some type of meet or tofu and a veggie or five each day as well. Monday we also get a piece of fresh fruit and there is milk given out as a snack on Tuesdays. 

Is lunch here different than in the U.S.? Oh my goodness yes, am I learning to enjoy it...most certainly!


  1. Are the dishes seasoned or is their food bland tasting.

    1. Depends on the food....many times though I think "if I only had some {salt, pepper, chili sauce, garlic} to add!" haha


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