Taipei's Temples

A little late on this blog post, but that's life I guess!!  This past weekend I went to Taipei again  with several friends with the intention of seeing more cultural things that were waiting for us within the city. It must have been Ariel & I's lucky day! Though we had a rough itinerary in mind for the day, each time we arrived to a new location there was a festival, market, or celebration in naturally we happily accepted the day's changes!!

We started the day with a visit to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall...just in time for their changing of the guards! (and of course I forgot to get a picture of the outside of the building!) 

We tried our hand at a hot pot for lunch. Pretty much they bring you cold uncooked food in broth, and you put it on a burner at your table and cook everything to your liking...of course I took a before picture and then started eating before the after picture!
Next up was the Confucius Temple...Ah-mazing! AND, we got there just in time to watch a large group of school children practicing for the Confucius Birthday celebration that is to be held on September 28. 

I thought I would blend right in here with the Confucius statues! :)

Next up, the Boaon Temple. This is a side entrance to the gardens of the temple...I love all the roof lines and colors!

Japanese ramen for dinner...mmmm!

We met up with Rebeccca and Tina for some night fun and crashed at this cute little hostel in Taipei {Rebeccca, myself, Ariel, && Tina}

And of course some good brunch {or dim sum as they call it here} in the morning...delish!!