Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {dog OBSESSION}

So when I first moved to Taiwan {it still feels weird to say I live here lol} I was told that their birth rate is on a steady decline as many couples are opting for only 1 or even no children (citing factors such as expense of raising, mandatory military service, and careers as some of their many reasons why). I was also told that it is becoming more and more frequent as well for couples to "replace" having a child with...yup you guessed it...a dog.

Now it's probably about here that you're saying "Tracy! Tons of people in America (or where ever you live!) have dogs, it can't be any different!"

Please let me introduce you to exhibit A: the doggie stroller. (note these also come in a convenient double stroller style and a wide variety of colors!)

And please don't forget about the not quite as common, but apparently gaining popularity exhibit B: the doggie carrier (conveniently sold for both front and rear dogs to fit their preference!)

Disclaimer: YES, this is a real dog I saw in the market, and if you look close enough he's also wearing jeans and a t-shirt!

This doggie above sporting his latest styles brings me to exhibit C & D: dog clothes....oh, so many dog clothes.

Dog sweatshirts...you know just in case they get cold when it dips below 85 degrees!

And don't let the big guys feel left out, they get doggie lovin' too!
And last but not least Exhibit E: Dog stores. These are usually in markets and street stalls, but I have seen them everywhere, and you can bet if it can be found  in your human closet, it can also be purchased for your dogs closet!

Have you pampered your dog today?!?!