Taichung Flower Festival

Flowers Galore!

This past weekend Tina and I ventured back down south to Taichung thanks to the recommendation of a friend in my Chinese class to check out their 2015 International Flower Festival. Oh my goodness was it breathtaking!

When they call this a "Flower Carpet Festival" they aren't kidding, the ground is completely covered in flowers (ok and mud too if you go after it rains!) I have never seen SOoo many flowers before! We headed down Saturday morning, checked into our hostel, grabbed some food {I apologize, when I write about my days I realize how often I do this in a day...I  think I like to eat!} and hoped on the nearly hour shuttle ride headed for the festival. We weren't quite sure what we were expecting, but were certainly glad when we got there!

Seriously, as far as you could see...there were flowers!

I was madly in love with these friends! {if I had even an ounce of a green thumb in me I'd be planting some of these guys!}

And just for good measure, this last one...the flowers, the fog from the afternoon lifting, and the mountains in the background, it was beyond gorgeous!

--- Onward and upwards from the flowers! ---

I can't lie, when you  don't actually plan out your trips your days often end up quite random and unpredictable, and this weekend in Taichung was no exception! Arriving back in Taichung after the Flower Festival we found ourselves roaming a market, chatting with foreigners, eating tacos (which were rather gross if I do say so myself!) with some friends, && visiting a small local night market before calling it a night!

Why hello giant minion wall...yes I must take a picture with you! :)

Absolutely in love with this photo from the local day market! Beans & rice for days!

And this choice of food leaves me with so many questions! I've been asked what the hearts were from, I'm not sure the response "a little boy" is so appropriate though! But truthfully, I have no idea!

My new boyfriend! This man was walking down the street with a giant lizard on his shoulder and 4-5 this size that he kept in his purse, he felt as though I needed this one apparently!

And last but not least, my life as a "white person"  in Taiwan! I asked this group of Filipino guys if they wanted me to take the group picture of them as they were failing miserably with their selfie stick. Although they said yes, they never actually got a group picture, but instead came to me one-by-one as I stood in place and each got individual pictures with me...yes all 7 of them haha, before deciding they wanted a group one with me and Tina as well.

Welcome to Taiwan folks, welcome to Taiwan!