Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {pictures of everything}

Although I've mentioned the idea of loads of pictures  before, I don't think it is quite comprehendable until one finds themselves actually living amidst the flashbulb paparazzi.  You may remember reading about the camera mobs in some of my previous posts like here or here. But they don't even begin to touch the tip of the iceberg!

Living here I have 2 things going against me in terms of pictures 1) I'm white {as in 1 of only 2 white people I've seen in my small town in the last 4 months type of white} & 2) They love taking pictures...combine these 2 things and they weren't kidding when they said "Everyday is picture day here"

If you can try to imagine, these are all legitimate reasons that people have taken picture of me: 

1. I stopped to ask them directions
2. They saw me walking down the street
3. It was the first day of school
4. It was Halloween day
5. We had a staff meeting
6. I was getting in their car
7. I was getting out of their car
8. I was eating dinner
9. I am white and they wanted a white person in their presidential campaign pictures
10. I was the only white person at church
11. The student was sitting next to me
12. The student was playing a game with me
13. We had a staff meeting
14. I was reading to a class
15. I was teaching a class
16. I was walking to class
17. A guard was leaving our school
18. A new guard was starting at our school
19. We had a staff meeting
20. Because "you are so beautiful"
21. Because they saw me taking a picture
22. Because I asked if they needed help taking a picture
23. Because they thought I couldn't see them trying to sneak a picture
24. Just because they can

I'm not kidding folks....it's a little absurd!