Can't a Girl Get a Waffle Around Here?!?

I love eating new foods, I love all most of the food in Tawain, I've even come to love & accept not having a clue what I'm eating 95% of the time, but when we were in Taichung and the hotel boasted a "free breakfast buffet" I began to crave some good, healthy, fattening, syrupy Western breakfast. You know; some waffles, pancakes, donuts, REAL milk, syrup, jelly....anything, it sounded wonderful!

If you remember that I mentioned in this post that we woke up quite early that Sunday morning, I'd be lying if visions of waffles dancing through my head didn't help motivate me that morning! Sooo, you can imagine my dismay when I walked downstairs to find NOTHING close to resembling a waffle on their buffet...Tina laughed...I almost cried!

Needless to say, I was not buying it! (for whatever reason I was not in the "Taiwanese food mood"!) To make matters even worse, the "orange juice" they serve here is pretty much like kool-aid, and not what I was wanting for breakfast. Anyways, I watched a lady working get one of the  salad dressings {they never eat salad here but dangit, it's on the breakfast buffet!} fill the bowl about 1/3 of the way full of this "orange juice" mix it in with the dressing that was in the bowl and put it back on the salad bar...umm no thanks!

Que Tracy scrounging for anything remotely American...may I introduce you to, my breakfast

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