Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {receipt lottery}

You go to the store, purchase an item or two, pay for it, receive your change & the dreaded 5 mile long receipt. We've all been there & I feel your pain!

If you would have asked me 4 months ago for a receipt I could have dutifully dug through my trashcan to find at least half a donzen, and would have been able to scrounge up a couple more crumpled up at the bottom of my purse.

Fast forward 4 months into living in Tawain...I have a nice neat stack binder clipped together in my desk drawer that I add to weekly...what the heck happend {I promise it wasn't an overnight transition to being Little Miss Organized!}

Enter in...the Taiwan Receipt Lottery!

To help discourage people throwing receipts away and littering the streets, trains, and shop floors, the Taiwanese governement began a receipt lottery as a way to encourage citizens {or random English teachers!} to hold on to their receipts.

Here's how it works:

1. Go shopping...anywhere! the grocery store, 7/11, the gas station; any where that gives you a reciept (this part is easy!)
2. Save your receipts...all of them!
3. Every other month, the odd months (January, March, May...) there is a receipt number drawing on the 25th for the previous 2 months (example: November 25 they chose numbers for the months of September & October)
4. Check your numbers online to see if you have any winners
5. Cash in your receipt winners at a 7/11 or bank depending on how big you win!

There are cash prizes from $200 NTD to $10,000,000 {for you USD folks that's about $6.50 - $322,500 in cash prizes!}

Needless to say I haven't won anything yet, but I do know many people that have! Keep on trying!

Would you participate in the receipt lottery if your country had one?!

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