Pictures, Pictures Read All About It!

If you haven't noticed yet, my blog has gotten a little face lift...I'm loving the clean look and bright colors!!!

Also, added to the top of the blog is a PICTURES tab. I am contantly putting new pictures on here {it links up to my Instagram} that don' t always warrent there own blog post, so make sure you take some time and check them out! If you click on an individual picture it will take you to a new page and show you the caption and tell you a little bit about what't in the picture as well!


Also, please feel free to leave some love and comments at the end of my posts! I LOVE staying in touch with people back home and hearing your reactions and questions to what you're reading! (it always puts a smile on my face when I check my blog in the morning and I've got some new love on it!

Have a great weekend, and stay warm!!  It'll be 82 here this weekend ;)