The "Long" Awaited Video!

Well we {{I}}  made it! After a couple run throughs at home, even I  couldn't help but admit that it wasn't difficult (disclaimer, I still stand firmly by the point that understanding the lyrics would have made a WORLD of a difference! lol...anyways!). I got to school Friday confidant that I knew what was going on.....until they handed me a bag saying "For you! For you, put here!" (while handing me a large  bag and pointing to my waist.

Umm....what exactly do you want me to do with this bag of giant leaves?? Ooohh...umm, it's a skirt? We are all dressing up like trees??  Umm...ok...roll with the punches Tracy, roll with the punches. 10 minutes  and 3 teachers dressing me later, I now looked like a giant, red (thank you  red school polo we had to wear) tree. While this look was adorable on the little was not so becoming of myself haha....but I wore that tree proudly dangit! haha

ANYWAYS! We marched on the field, the 8th graders played their drums, we did our dance, the announcer yelled my name a couple times, and the camera may zoomed way too close to me for comfort, but, we did it and the kids looked adorable!

The kids in their tree get-ups...way stinkin' adorable!

The principal, myself, and the past principal at Fu can check out both my skirt and the principals hat that I was asked to wear the picture...gee wonder why he didn't want it on! :P

Also, please check out this relay grades 1 & 2 did...Chinese rice worker...I  about peed my pants!

And some of the  most competitive elementary school tug-of-war I have EVER seen!

And just for cute-ness sake...after our 45 minute rousing game of every version of patty-cake known to man, my grade 2 student and I paused for a quick picture!

I would like to say that Fu Long did great at field day and we won every event, but in actuality, I have NO idea how we did! lol. We had a 30 minute closing ceremony where various prizes were given out, butttt after the first 5 minute of having 0 idea what's going on...umm, yeah I was lost by the end we can pretend we did amazing!