How Traveling Changes Your Life...This hits home!

I was reading some articles online the other day when this one in particular by Kristin Addis on the Thought Catalog caught my eye! The article was entitled: 6 Ways a Woman's Life is Changed Forever When She Travels Alone. {{umm life!}} of course I had to take a look at the article!

You can click on the link above to read the whole article, but I'll just highlight the best parts below {keyword...she already did the I'm going to be lazy lol}

1. She'll meet amazing and wonderful people...umm hello Semester at Sea && Taiwan friends!

2. She'll discover new and delicious foods....while this is true please don't forget chicken feet, stinky tofu, & aryan from Turkey....FAR from delicious...but still great stories!

3. She'll come to prioritize experiences over possessions...this has been my motto for far too long & I'm sticking to it!

4. She'll discover that the world isn't that scary after all...OK, so other than getting lost in Naples at 3am as well as having random men try to solicit you for lord knows what, most instances, scary or not, are wonderful learning moments!

5. She'll realize how strong she is!...working on it :P

6. She may never come back....Let me share  my lunch conversation  today with you.  Ben "so next year, the director wants you to come back. Actually, he wants you just to stay here forever; you can get married here too." My response "But there's so many other places to travel to too!"

And that's a wrap!  Loved this article and the many travel memories that it brought back for me! :)