Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {face masks}

Guys, these things are real! I couldn't make these pictures up if I tried lol.

When I first arrived to Taiwan the use of face masks EVERYWHERE was unsettling and quite different for me, after only 8 months though I have to say it's become a part of everyday life much like many other things here!

There seem to be 3 trains of thought behind wearing a face mask:
1. I'm sick and don't want to share my germs {the most common reason}
2. There are many other sick people and I don't want to catch what they have {doctors offices and many businesses}
3. The air pollution is terrible and they don't  want to breath it in {not as bad as China's but they do share their lovely pollution with us!}

 {Where's Waldo Taiwan version...How many masks can you spot in the collage above?!}