Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {Cost of Living}

I wrote this post on money and Taiwan's currency several months ago for a previous Tuesday Taiwan-ism post, but wanted to touch a little more on it today.

I am asked quite often from people back home if I am getting paid to work in Taiwan {I mean I absolutely LOVE teaching, but sorry...I can't do it for a year for free!}, if I'm able to save money here, and how much things cost here. Cost of living withing different parts of the world {and let's be honest even within the same country} is always an interesting comparison topic as spending money and paying bills is something that we all do [side note: if you've managed to figure out how NOT to do this...please let me know asap!] So today I'll include a list of common things a person might buy or spend money on here in Taiwan and include the price both in NTD (New Taiwanese Dollar) and USD (United States Dollar).

**Remember, I am living in a semi-rural area about 20 minutes drive from a large city, yet still surrounded by rice fields! If I were to go more rural things would cheapen and if you went to Taipei your money wouldn't take you nearly as far, so these prices are approximates for where I live in Hsinchu**

Living Expenses
Rent (for a glorified dorm room) -- $5,000 -- $154.64
Water (monthly/varies) -- $260 -- $8.04
Electric (monthly/varies) -- $325 -- $10.05
Gas for a scooter driven moderately (monthly) -- $170 -- $5.26

Eating Expenses
Local dinner -- $40 -- $1.24
Western dinner -- $350 -- $10.82
Bubble Tea -- $35 -- $1.08
Bottle of water -- $20 -- $0.62
Liter of milk -- $90 -- $2.78
12 eggs -- $58 -- $1.79
McDonalds meal -- $100

Transportation Expenses
Train ride 20 minutes -- $18 -- $0.56
Bus ride 20 minutes -- $14 -- $0.43
Taxi ride 20 minutes -- $170 -- $5.26

What other costs of living are you interested in knowing about? Leave a comment and let me know!