A Slight Change of Plans

A few weekends ago I was eager to join several other foreign English teachers in Taoyun at the opening day baseball game. My ticket was bought, plans were made, and I was as excited as can be. But, instead of watching a fly ball at the game, life through me a curveball as well!

I woke up Saturday morning and took a nice long shower before I started to get ready for my day (the game wasn't until 7). Not too long after my shower though I started to feel a little "off" and decided I needed a nap {I'm not a napper generally}. Well I laid down around 11am and honestly I don't even remember if I set an alarm or not. What I do remember though is that I didn't wake up until almost 9pm almost 10 hours later!! And to make matters worse, I felt 100X worse than before. 

I was disorientated, had a pounding headache, and dizzy to the point of not being able to walk on my own. I quickly called my neighbor across the hall and not having transportation of his own called our landlords daughter that lives in the house next door and is an English teacher herself. Chaou came to my room and all but had to carry me down the 3 flights of steps to her car. I fell back asleep in the car and could hardly muster up the eneegy to answer her questions about how I was feeling. 

Once to the hospital they did some blood tests, gave me meds for my nausea, and promptly hooked me up to an IV. Almost 3 hours later my test results came back negative for any sort of flu and they sent me home chalking my illness up to a cold or dehydration... I wasn't buying it. 

The following weekend I again showered before getting ready for my day and almost instantly began to feel "funny" again...and Ben it hit me. My #@$*% gas water heater is INSIDE my bedroom and I had taken a long shower this releasing large amounts of gas into the air. I checked my symptoms, and sure enough I hit each and everyone of them; I had had carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Needless to say my landlord was contacted immediately, an electric heater was installed, and disorientated Tracy began to return to her normal self. Check your carbon monoxide detectors friends, this stuff is no joke!