Tuesday Taiwan-ism {Beauty Obsession!}

It is no secret that there are many great beauty products that come from Asia. What I was blissfully unaware of though, was the amount of beauty products that exist here that have never been on most of your radars before...I'm talking out of the ordinary beauty products, parts and pieces of your body that you never realized needed beautified and thinned, and just some downright oddball ingredients and methods of achieving these results.

I can't lie I've spent many raining evenings perusing my local beauty supply stores with my mouth hanging open in awe at the products I was seeing! And to be honest, there were some that even after looking at the how-to pictures, googling the product online, and studying myself in a mirror; I still can't understand what they are trying to achieve!

Today, I promise you, won't be my only beauty post in Taiwan, but honestly, there is too much for one simple Tuesday post. So, without further ado, today I present to you

Taiwanese Face Masks

Now I have to be transparent here for a minute, all these face masks are for sale in Taiwan, but many of them are imported from Korea or Japan as Taiwan looks to these 2 countries for much of their beauty and fashion advice {I'll keep my opinions about that to myself! lol} But honestly, you walk into a beauty supply and you can't help but glance into the several isles they have set up solely of face and body masks and wonder what you've been doing wrong all along! Though I've tried several different masks {Who's one to say no to a product claiming to give me beautiful, firm, glowing, and radiant skin?! lol} the ones I've taken pictures of below I have NOT tried, but rather am including them for some comic relief and to allow you to question your own boy...did you know that needed plumping and firming??  :)

1 of 3 face masks isles in this particular store!

If you have a preference as to what denomination of money is on your face...they have at least 5 currencies!