Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {Shower Room}

When I first moved to Taiwan and walked into my new apartment I thought I might have a mental breakdown right then and there {here it is in all it's glory!} as saying my emotions were running high was an understatement. But, when I glanced in the bathroom and had to actually ask "where's my shower?" I knew I might actually be going insane.

They simply pointed at the wall and showed me "my shower" or the shower head that happens to be attached to the wall of my bathroom, or as I've lovingly dubbed it...my shower-room!

Now trust me, it took some getting used to and some slight rearranging at first. Like obviously the toilet paper needs to be far away from the water stream & you can't really store your blow drying or bobby  pins in the bathroom {hello rusty pins!} but as time has gone on I've seen some real benefits to these goofy set up's as well!

"Benefits" of a Shower Room

1. My bathroom is always cleaned!
2. I can wash dishes while waiting for the shower to warm up
3. I can wash clothes while waiting for the shower to warm up
4. I can wash the sink while waiting for the shower to warm up :)
5. can wash the bathroom mirror daily if I wish
6. Mopping the tile floor in there has never been easier
7. Shaving is a breeze with the toilet and sink within arms reach!
8. Its ok if you splash everywhere!
9. You can never make too much of a mess in the bathroom
10. If the urge strikes, you don't have to dry off before using the toilet
11. Everything in there is always wet...ok so maybe this one isn't quite as beneficial!