Thursday, January 28

Travel never goes as planned, NEVER! Sometimes things go better than planned, but unfortunately things are typically worse...but that's ironically half the fun and excitement about traveling. 

Tina and I left Taipei today (Thursday, January 28) on a 2 plane hop scotch game for Bangkok. First leg of the trip was Taipei to Macau followed by Macau to Bangkok. When we got to Macau though, we still had to get our second boarding pass (not 100% sure why lol) we are then notified that we don't actually have seats on our plane. They have overbooked the plan and the 20 of so of us grumpy people at the counter won't fly out until 10:30pm...4 hours later than normal. 

We quickly befriended the couple next to us while David, the husband, and I exchanged some lovely words with the people who continued to tell us "please wait" (umm please wait our plane leaves in 10 minutes!)

LONG story short, they ended up delaying our flight and there were magically seats now available for first class...imagine that!

We landed in Bangkok around 11pm Thailand time, found out hostel, and passed out. 

New adventures await around the corner!