Tuesday's Taiwan-ism {Fruits Galore}

I love fruit, I always have. I've also thought that I get a little more adventurous with my fruits than the typical apple and banana (sometimes I grab an orange or some grapes! lol). But really! I've tried tons of different fruits in my life and I love them all!

But holy cow Taiwan, you're throwing me a curve  ball here! Not only am I finding fruits here that I have heard of but never tried, I'm being handed fruits that I just stare blankly at the giver and ask "what's this?" or "is this a fruit" & my personal favorite "how do I eat this?"

You may remember earlier in my year I talked a lot about pomelos & persimmons. At that time I thought wow, 2 new fruits for me! Haha was I wrong...it just keeps going!

Most recent introductions have included jujube fruit & another they called a wax apple or bell fruit.

Let's take a stab at some descriptions!

The Jujube Fruit was small (kiwi sized) and looked like a hard granny smith apple, bright green and shiny. It tasted like a cross between an apple & a guava and was decently juicy. It also had a pit inside, like a small peach pit, that I wasn't quite expecting. I've been told this fruit can grow bigger, like apple sized, but apparently all I've seen is baby sized!

The Wax Apple I really liked. It was a dusty red almost purple-ish color and looked just like a small upside-down Christmas bell. The skin was waxy looking (imagine that!) and super shiny! The fruit was super juicy & instead of having a seed or pit in the middle, the middle was like a more bitter cotton ball stuck inside the fruit...I'm not really sure where that came from!

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