Whales and Dolphins and Land...Oh my!

June 23, 2010
So the title pretty much sums up my last 3 days! I'll start from today and back track from there...yesterday we saw land!!!! It was the first land I have seen in the past 8 days so we were all pretty excited when the tip of Africa came into view and shortly after that (and after convincing our professor to let us out early!) we sailed through the Straight of Gibraltar and were able to see the tip of Spain on one side of boat and Africa of the other!!! It was so windy though! I would wait until a huge gust of wind and jump into the air and would end up at least a foot behind from where I started lol.

Other than that and classes I have been able to see Dolphins and whales this week too! We were all eating dinner one night when someone jumped up and ran to the window yelling so naturally we all followed and saw at least 30 dolphins near the ship jumping away together through the waves...it was an incredible sight! Then the following day while eating dinner out on the back deck of the ship someone told us to look out in the distance and there were whale spouts shooting out of the water! We saw it probably 15 to 20 times before he disappeared but it was still pretty cool!

Lastly we are in our first port tomorrow! We are docking in Barcelona, Spain tomorrow morning and after listening to a Spanish poet for a short time on the boat for one of my classes my friends and I are excited to spend the next 4 days walking around and exploring Barcelona! While in Barcelona I am also hoping to find my bag as well...I have all my fingers crossed that my bag will be there patiently waiting for me but any prayers towards its safe arrival and our joyous reunion are being graciously accepted! Hope everyone from home is doing great and can't wait to hear from you all!

-Almost to Spain!