Still Lots of Water!

June 19, 2010
Not much new on the open seas! Lots and lots and lots of water! (if only I had the same problem with luggage!) I'm making the most with the 3 outfits I currently have on board and thankfully I don't think anyone has made mention of the fact that I have a 3 outfit rotation! (of course 1/2 the ship knows I don't have luggage!) lol

Other than that I started classes several days ago and so far they are not going too bad. I have also signed up for several clubs around the ship knowing that I can't sit still for long :) and am excited to help out with community service, the young kids on board, and the shipwide auction and the end of the voyage! Also a group of friends and I have been working at planning our iteneries while in port and am proud to say that I think we have figured out a rough schedule of what we want to do in Spain and have great ideas for Italy as well! Lack of internet makes planning hard but we make do with bugging everyone at home to look things up for us!

I've completely lost track of days out here so having class on Saturdays isn't as bad as I thought and surprisingly I've become very used to the ship after 5 days of being rocked back and forth with the waves....loosing an hour of sleep every night though isn't quite as fun!

Hope everyone back home is having a great summer and I can't wait to hear from you all!