Hello Canada!

June 14, 2010
Sooo...after a solid 3 hours of sleep my mom, Jared, David and I piled into the van at 4am headed for Fort Wayne for my 6am flight...I know I know way to early but what can I do! lol. So I get there and check in only to realize  my flight had been delayed! Only by 46 minutes but just enough to make sure I would be late for all my other flights and have a 6 hour layover in Detroit by myself! :/ After hugging goodbye and getting my bag checked through security they came over the PA system and announced that my flight was moved back to normal time....leaving in 15 minutes....first sprint of the day!

Landed in Cincinnati and got off the plane around 7:15....with a flight to catch at 7:30...picked up all 50 pounds of my carry on and sprinted (sprint #2 of the day!) from gate 32 to gate 2...of course they have to be at opposite ends :) . After arriving at my gate and catching my breath long enough to talk to the lady I boarded my flight to New York where once landing I found out the girl I was to meet had also been delayed! (oh reliable airlines!) After a quick bite and a few last calls home I found a group of people also going to SAS and we boarded our 50 person puddle jumper headed to Halifax!

After arriving in Halifax I found that although I was able to be redirected to my original flight my bag was not quite as fortunate. So, now I'm in Halifax bagless hoping in comes in before I leave tomorrow. After getting into Halifax I met up with several girls that I am rooming with for the night. After going to a quick grocery run and a trip out on the lake on the paddle boats we are now waiting for one last girl and my luggage to come in before we crash for the night and board the boat in the morning!

Can't believe this time has actually come...I'll be on the boat tomorrow!!! :)