Tuesday Taiwan-ism {Humidity}

I know, I know, this seems like a rather weird topic for today's post, but if you'd ever step foot on this island, you'd understand! Guys, it is humid as all get out here! I'm not just saying during the summer months when one would expect it...nope, all dang year long!

When I arrived here in August I thought it was going to be just a temporary thing, you know, it's August, it's humid, OK. It wasn't until late September and I was contemplating buying stock in the sweat-wicking tank tops I continued to purchase and wear under my outfits everyday that I knew this humidity was here to stay.

Fast forward to December & January...it's winter here {fun fact, it was in the high 30's several days and we had 2 flakes of snow one day...a first in the last 80 years and quite brutal when there's no heat in the houses!}...and it's still humid! You are freezing so you put on 20  layers of clothes...only to take them off damp at night because, you guessed it, it was too humid and you were sweaty in the cold!

Springtime is here with a vengeance now and the humidity is coming back with full force once again, we can only see what this summer brings with it!

"Fun" you only have when it's humid 364 days of the year:

1. You ALWAYS feel sticky
2. You feel the need to shower...about 5 minutes after stepping out of the shower!
3. Your papers & notebooks are always limp and damp  feeling
4. Your shower NEVER dries out
5. You start to find fuzzy mold on your clothes and shoes from the previous season
6. Photos & wall art curls the instant you hang it on the wall
7. Your jeans feel perpetually damp
8. It's a constant debate on whether it's better with the window open or closed
9. Bugs LOVE the humid climate!
10. You begin to forget what it feels like to actually feel DRY!