Brazil, Beaches, and Boating

Brazil Days 6, 7, 8 

I'm going to attempt to squeeze all of these days into 1 post, more for me than for anyone else 😏 as I've been home a year now and I'm still working on these stinking posts! (on the other hand every time I sit down to work on these posts it feels like I'm reliving it I guess that's a win!)

At the end of my last post I had just finished an obnoxiously long bus ride and landed at our hotel for the 7 of us just before midnight, so needless to say even though we were pumped to head to the beach...bed first!

Morning came and we awoke in ARRAIAL Do CABO straight east of Rio {{I dare you to google this place....BEAUTIFUL!}} We grabbed breakfast and were all ready for a day long boat tour of the various islands and relaxing in the sun and what do we open our eyes to...rain...and lots of it! But, not to be deterred...we persisted and had the most wonderful day of boating, swimming, sunning, and drinking! {{and as for the rain...honestly it ended up ending after our boat started and there were no regrets on our wonderful day!}}

The next morning we wake up to blue skies, puffy white clouds, a salt smell in the air, unicorns prancing in the yard...ok maybe no unicorns...but the day was gorgeous! We had every intention in the world to do we did! We laid on the beach, ate fresh fruit, enjoyed some drinks and soaked in the wonderful Brazilian sunshine!

Late that afternoon we hopped back on the bus and headed back towards Rio getting "home" late once again. Saturday morning was my last day in Rio as I was flying back early that evening and I had just ONE thing left on my todo list...Sugarloaf Mountain {{great views, cable cars, and a wonderful breeze}} 

So long were amazing!! And so many thanks Caitlin for your hospitality, travel guides, Portuguese lessons, && beach recommendations! {{and thank goodness I still have another 9 years on my visa for my next visit!}}