Yilan County

April 22-24

I PROMISE {both you and myself!} that after this post I will actually be caught up {hurray!} and the remainder of my posts will actually be in order haha! As you may have realized I have myself a little goal while here in Taiwan to make it each of the counties (or areas in some instances) of Taiwan. Before this weekend I still had 3 of the stinkers left and was bound and determined to shave a little more off my bucket list. Luck for me another fellow English teacher from Texas, Ariel, lives in one of the three remaining counties and invited Tina and I out for a weekend...Yilan County here we come!

Now comes the fun part...prepare yourself for an official Yilan County photo dump! :)

The train ride out to Yilan from the west coast is not a short one, so of course dinner was needed! Sushi express offers a choose your own sushi bar for less than $1 USD each. 

The Yilan Center for Traditional Arts was a great way to spend a chunk of Saturday and get acquainted with what Yilan had to offer us!

And if teaching doesn't work out...selling noodles on the street is always an option as well!
The weather called for rain but ended up being a spectacular day to spend outside!

{{Arial, Myself, & Tina}} at the Cultural Village

Next stop, the beach! The beach was filled with small pebbles and sea shells...what could make my feet much happier?!

Loved the views & the breeze!

I've truly been blessed with the friends Taiwan has put in my path :)

The beautiful morning led way into a gorgeous afternoon & perfect biking weather

Biking took us past these funky condos on stilts as well as one of my favorite Taiwan sights, rice field workers!

Near downtown Yilan

Dinner came in the form of ramen and mango shaved ice!

And our post dinner treat included a free local hot spring as well as dinner for the local fish ;)  {and smooth feet for us!}

Sunday brought us more great weather and a picnic in the park with what us American's call..."duck tacos"!

Beautiful views at the park!


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