:( Sorry still no pictures....

July 27, 2010 

So for those of you who keep asking for pictures I PROMISE I had every intent in the world today to post some pictures! But......we came to the huge new library here in Alexandria (oh yes by the way I'm in Egypt now!) anyways we came to the library and after paying to get in they took all of our bags and put them in lockers because we can't have bags in here and then I realized that my jump drive with pictures is in there as well :( 

On the bright side though the creepy guys staring at me as I got on the computer have now left! But Egypt has been crazy so far for the hour or so we've been off the boat...all I can say is the traffic here is INSANE! anyways....that's about it for now and I promise to write and post all about Turkey asap! :) 

Hope everyone at home is doing great and can't wait to hear from you all!!!